• GRS Certification

     In 2017 Ecoplast Fiber were certified with GRS - Global Recycling Standart 

  • Ecoplast Fiber JSCo

    Our fibers are approved for hygienic ADL usage

  • Logistics

    Start up of greenfield investment of a total area of 18.000 sq.m logistics and warehouse facilities in Varna, BG

  • Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics ERP

  • Ecoplast Fiber JSCo

    ISO 14001 certification

  • Ecoplast Fiber JSCo

    ISO 9001 Certificatin 

  • Ecoplast Fiber JSCo

     Installation of new faciliteis for a PET bottle recycling. 

  • Ecoplast Fiber JSCo

    Ecoplast Fiber is establieshed. The factory was made on a green field area of 40 000 sq meters. 

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